Style & Esoterics

with Patrick King

Our body has an innate wisdom that we are born with however as we move on through life we often stop listening to that wisdom and what our body is telling us. This module is a Movement Meditation, which includes Stretching with an emphasis on Breathing and Meditation Exercises to stimulate that Body & mind Connection.

For more than 25 years Patrick has been working with some of the most prestigious organisations and situations in the cultural entertainment business such as Cirque du Soleil, the Lillehammer Winter Olympic games, the Venice Film Festival and, amongst others, sharing the Catwalk with Naomi Campbell. His method of working is grounded in the development of the individual and their particular strengths while pushing them into new territory. Their skills and humanity are constantly challenged. His objective is to provide you with the knowledge and confidence as well as the necessary tools to develop your individual unique characteristics.

At the same time he is the living and breathing example that style & esoterics can be sexy bedpartners allowing you to have that glass of Champagne before or after your Meditation.

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