Romance & Classicism

Romance & Classicism

with Sébastien Thill

Everything is movement and dance, even the stillness of a position ...

With sixteen years of experiences from the Paris Opera, Sébastien knows all those little secrets on how to create lines, beauty, elegance, a royal Port de tête, a strong and flexible back and how to shape your bottom and breasts. Exercises drawn from the vocabulary of classical ballet are simplified and complemented to make the secrets of this historical art accessible to people even without previous experience of dance.

Esprit sain dans un corps sain - un corps sain dirigé par un esprit sain

This Module will help you into a sensual and challenging journey towards reaching the sublime of your body and soul.

Basic exercises from the classical Ballet are used to sculpt your body from the inside out. This helps you to recover your bodies natural lines and elegance.

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