Basic anatomical practicalities,
body posture & injury prevention

with Johan King Silverhult

Tensions in neck and shoulders from sitting in front of the computer? Trains, planes and Automobiles ... all that travel making you feel stiff and blocking your energy?

With exercises that focus on recognising and individuating the different muscle groups, in this Module the imbalances caused by our modern lives can become an issue of the past.

Johan started as a competitive swimmer and gymnast at a very early age, but the fascination of dance and the stage made him leave the world of sports for the magic world of the arts. Finishing his studies at the Royal Swedish Ballet School, his work experiences range from the formal world of dance at the Finnish National Ballet to Cirque du Soleil. Complementing his professional career is his interest in the awareness of the body, which he further enhanced through profound studies of Pilates, Yoga, Swedish classical massage, anatomy and injury prevention.

By really getting to know your body you can not only avoid the pains and discomfort but also gain the confidence to become a more sensual and seductive you.

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