We rang the doorbell at the address we were given of a traditional Berlin Altbau, on an unassuming street. We were buzzed in and entered Salon K, unsure of what awaited us.

As we settled into a low oversized couch, laden with plush pillows, our gracious hostess served us two fluted glasses of champagne. We surveyed the room, taking in the other guests and giggling at the black leather whip we found on the pillows.

The atmosphere was casual, but thick with anticipation. As we introduced ourselves to the couple next to us, a smiling blonde emerged shimmering from another room. Her gold sequined dress fit her like a glove. She swayed and sashayed her way over to our corner, seeming to soak in the eyes that were upon her. When she reached us, she pursed her red lips, and kneeling down to our height, playfully pulled out a tube of lipstick that had been nestled between her breasts. "Would you like to try my lipstick?" she silkily murmured.

So began our evening at Salon K.

Part performance, part social gathering, from the moment you enter Salon K, you're encouraged to do something you've never done before, to meet someone you've never met. As the evening proceeds, it's amazing just how comfortable it becomes to watch the provocative performances in a room full of strangers. The performers personally introduce themselves, lounging next to you on a sofa, full of interesting stories, creating a rich and cozy atmosphere.

Carefully choreographed, the performers are a swirl of limber bodies you've been invited to watch. Their sensuality is magnetic and every aspect of the evening is full of tastes, textures, and sounds - from the bubbles in the champagne to the rough surface of the ropes that come out later in the evening. An evening at Salon K will be one you revisit in your fantasies.

Alicia R.